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How to grow peanuts ?

Peanut (Arachis hypogaea), sometimes also called “Earth Pistachio”, or even “Earth Pea” is an annual plant of the Fabaceae family ...

Plant discoveries

Semences biologiques certifiées, issus de petits producteurs engagés.

Natural gardening

Semences biologiques certifiées, issus de petits producteurs engagés.

Plants & gastronomy

Variétés paysannes anciennes, libres de droits, non hybrides et non OGM.

DIY & inspiration

Graines reproductibles, fertiles d’année en année et fidèles à la graine-mère !

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Nine Star Perennial Brocoli Seeds

A very rare heritage variety to discover and cultivate in your vegetable garden…

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Discover all our upcoming creative workshops, trainings and events around plants and gardening !

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Who are we, our philosophy

An independent seed shop specializing in organic, non-hybrid and reproducible vegetable varieties.

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Our experimental vegetable garden

From March to October, come and visit our vegetable garden and many amazing varieties in cultivation !

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