Strawberry fountains : Record yields in small spaces !

Do you like strawberries? Only here: Growing strawberries requires a lot of floor space, but you only have a small space! The “strawberry fountain” also called “Strawberry pyramid” or “Strawberry tower” should please you. This original growing method allows you to grow a maximum of strawberries in a minimum of space and thus allows you to have a big harvest, even in a small garden or on a small balcony!

A clever method for a miraculous harvest !

On the same principle as the potato tower, this cultivation method exploits the vertical space and makes it possible to considerably increase yields even in a very small space. Indeed, whether your strawberry fountain is built with wooden planks, recycled pallets, or even a plastic barrel… the surface used will be a maximum of one square meter for a considerable harvest. In good growing conditions, a strawberry plant provides a yield of about 400 to 700 g of strawberries (see more). Knowing that on a strawberry fountain you can plant about 48 seedlings, so you can very easily get more than 30 kilos of strawberries in a year.

Exemples de fontaines à fraises - Photos : &

Examples of homemade strawberry fountains – Photos: &

A few tips for a bountiful harvest !

-Choose the right varieties : To obtain an abundant harvest throughout the beautiful season, it is advisable to plant different varieties, early ones, late ones and so-called remontant varieties which will ensure the staggering of the harvests from May until the first frosts.

-Bring a quality substrate : Although they are able to be grown in most soils, strawberries prefer cool, draining soil rich in organic matter. For this, prepare a mixture ideally composed of 30% garden soil (non-calcareous), 30% good horticultural soil, 30% white peat and 10% river sand.

-Don’t forget to water the strawberries : Strawberries are water-intensive and should be watered regularly, especially in hot weather. Watering is a determining factor in the formation and development of future fruits. But, be careful, strawberries do not like excess water either. In summer, prefer watering in the evening or very early in the morning to prevent the water from evaporating quickly in the sun.