Coffee grounds, the gardener’s brown gold !

Coffee grounds are an excellent natural fertilizer that promotes soil fertility, but not only! It also has a repellent effect for certain insects and garden pests. Discover in this article, all the uses that allow the use of coffee grounds in the garden.

How to use coffee grounds in the garden ?

You can either incorporate it superficially into the soil, near the plants. Either, deeper in the ground by hoeing for example. The potassium and magnesium it contains are immediately assimilated by plants. It also contains nitrogen which is gradually released during degradation in the soil and which thus becomes available for plants. And of course, it also represents an interesting supply of organic matter in the short and long term. Its richness in nutrients is therefore very interesting for the growth and flowering of plants.


Coffee grounds, many uses in the garden!

Coffee grounds to help your seedlings !

Very dry, it mixes with the fine seeds to distribute the seedlings well, which will avoid localized overloads, moreover thanks to its dark color, it will allow you to clearly delimit your sowing. Thanks to its nutrient composition, coffee grounds also have the virtue of helping certain seeds to germinate. Its airy and light structure is ideal for the development of young roots. But be careful, all the same not to put too much, because in high doses, it can become a growth inhibitor!

A repellent effect against garden pests!

By placing it at the foot of the plants, the coffee grounds are a good repellent against the carrot fly or the leek fly, root nematodes and prevents the installation of aphids. Caffeine also acts as a slug and snail repellent.

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Coffee grounds are an aphid repellent !

Coffee grounds promote compost !

Simply incorporate the grounds into your compost as you consume them. Coffee grounds are very good for raising earthworms and fully promote biological activity in your compost.

In the end, it would therefore be silly to throw away this residue from your daily coffees when you know all of its properties. Coffee grounds are an ecological product with multiple uses and therefore deserve to be recycled for your garden and for the greater good of your plants! But that’s not all ! Many other applications are still possible with this almost miracle product. For example, coffee grounds can be used as an ant repellent in your home. Apply it to your dog’s coat while bathing, it’s also a good flea repellent.

Did you know there are so many uses for coffee grounds? Do you know of other uses for coffee grounds in the garden or elsewhere? Don’t hesitate to give us your “grandmother’s tips and tricks” by leaving a short comment.