Mexican Agastache Iced Tea

Let yourself be surprised by this plant native to Mexico with its lemony, minty and sweet taste. Mexican Agastache is a very easy-to-grow perennial plant that is just waiting to decorate your garden. From July to October, it offers a pretty bloom with pretty magenta flowers that will be perfect for bringing a touch of color to your vegetable garden.

In addition to brightening up, many pollinators such as butterflies, bumblebees and bees in particular, are attracted by its flowers. Even more interesting, its leaves and flowers are edible and can be used perfectly in the kitchen!

Mexican Agastache, an edible perennial !

The leaves, but also the flowers of this plant are used to decorate summer salads, to season dishes, or to make desserts. With its sweet, minty and fruity taste, it is consumed in particular in infusion. To quench your thirst in summer, I suggest you savor Agastache Mexicana in the form of Eistee.

Agastache Iced Tea from Mexico – Photography: Heitz Lucas / Alsagarden.

Mexican Agastache Iced Tea Recipe

1.) Harvest 4 branches of Mexican Agastache (Agastache mexicana).

2.) In a saucepan boil 0.75l of water.

3.) Pour boiling water over the Agastache leaves and steep for 15 minutes.

4.) Filter your preparation and transfer it to a bottle that you will leave in the refrigerator.

5.) Once the preparation is very cool, add sugar to your liking and ice cubes.