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About us

Alsagarden is a online shop specializing in the sale by mail order of rare plants, original plants, unusual plants, medicinal plants and culinary plants. Created in June 2010 by Mr. Heitz Lucas, a graduate in the field of horticulture and passionate about the world of plants and collection plants, Alsagarden company differentiates itself by offering  only plants and quality seeds of reproducible from one year to year. Thus, we exclude from our product range hybrid or GMO ! Our passion and purpose of our business is to provide gardening enthusiasts have at their disposal plant species rare, unusual and sometimes decline of our botanical heritage worldwide.

One of the major issues of our activity is to promote the culture of rare, old and forgotten among gardeners for the purpose of conservation of plant diversity. In fact, more rare species and old varieties are grown, less chance for them to fall into oblivion and disappear is important. We Work with many suppliers nurserymen and collectors, our catalog of rare plants is large in order to satisfy all your needs and always find the perfect plant !

You will find on our online sales website : Sale of perennials, sale of exotic plants, rare plant sale, sale of plant collection, sale of flower bulbs, sale of carnivorous plants, sale of tropical plants, sale of herbs. Also find many gardening products, the greenhouses, seeding equipment, the garden furniture and accessories for garden birds.

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The Alsagarden company is also proud of her origin, proud of its territory and is determined to promote the region across the hexagon and even beyond our borders. So to further underline its membership in the region, contribute to its vitality,  Alsagarden has decided become partner of Alsace brand with integrating of the "A heart" in the logo and those since the year 2012.


In view of our philosophy, Alsagarden confirms its commitment to the environment by partnering since 2011 to Tree-Nation project an ecological approach in favor of forest biodiversity and the planet. Alsagarden has chosen to support a project to plant 8 million trees in Niger in order to fight against desertification and poverty. By creating a forest business, Alsagarden by joining the community planter involved in concrete action for the planet and for local people.


Presently, our stock of seeds and plants account several hundred plant species from around the world, and we continue to increase steadily. Our seed stock is stored in a cool, dry place to ensure our customers optimal germination and seed quality impeccable. We favor organic farming and rational, also most of the seeds that we sell are from natural crops, excluding pesticides. We also offer a range of herbs, gourmet taste plants and a lot of citrus variety and many orchids in containers. Recently, we also suggest a wide range of gardening supplies.


By the smallness of our company, we guarantee high quality services, rare on internet. Shipment of orders is carried out in a period of between 3 and 7 days maximum (depending on the chosen mode of delivery) for all products found in our shop. On our blog we have many advices sheets available for clients and visitors, explaining the methods of planting and cultivation. Also we have a forum to allow everyone to express themselves, ask questions, and of course also to give advice. We are at your disposal for any questions or inquiries, we will put all our skills and expertise to provide you with appropriate solutions. You want to ask us a question, do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply as soon as possible.